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Why Dog Training Is a Worthy Investment

Dog Training
If you've recently purchased a puppy or you're thinking of getting a dog, then you probably want a canine companion that is both loving and well behaved. The time you put into training your dog largely determines how your dog's obedience will ultimately play out. 

Investing in dog training is one of the wisest decisions you can make. While training your dog costs anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, the money you spend making your new canine companion a valuable part of your family is well worth the cost. This guide lists just a few reasons why dog training is a worthy investment.

Training Makes the Dog Happier

In the wild, dogs roam in packs, and each member has a particular role. Boundaries are placed between male and female dogs, and even older and younger subordinates, to keep the pack in line.

Dogs that are trained in their human packs (as dogs perceive family units) know their roles and are more happy and confident than dogs that are allowed to do whatever they wish. Since a dog naturally craves to be given a job or role in their community, training your dog to obey basic commands fulfills that instinctive need in your canine friend.

Training Creates a Better Relationship

The main reason that dogs end up in animal shelters is a lack of obedience. Owners simply get tired of cleaning up shredded garbage or chasing their runaway dog around the neighborhood. An untrained dog can put a strain on a family unit, even if they are relatively well behaved and enjoyable.

In general, dogs don't act out to be bad. Dogs do things because they haven’t been taught not to or because they are anxious, bored, frustrated, or lonely. Obedience training helps you and your dog communicate in a way that will create a positive bond your whole family can enjoy.

Training Makes Owning a Dog Easier

Training your dog isn't just for your canine friend, training is for you as well. You will learn how to react to certain situations, such as if your dog gets in a fight or if there’s another emergency. You’ll also learn to understand your dog more fully.

For example, if you raise your voice at your dog, they may see it as a challenge, not a command. Or if you sneak your dog bites of food under the table, then that action teaches them it's okay to take food from human plates. Raising your dog correctly requires humans to be trained as much as dogs so there is no confusion and only harmony in the pet-owner relationship.

Training Your Dog Improves Canine Safety

A well-behaved dog will be easier to control in an excitable or emergency situation. Commands like stay or leave it are essential to a dog's well-being. These commands are commonly taught in obedience classes. When your dog can be halted in an instant with a quick command, you can potentially save your dog (or someone else) from danger.

Having children in the home increases the need for dog obedience. When dogs are puppies, they will chew, scratch, and jump on children in an attempt to play. Some dogs never outgrow this behavior. Dog training classes at a young age help puppies grow into family-friendly adults.

Your new canine friend will benefit from obedience training in many ways — and so will you. The sooner you get your dog into training classes, the better their overall success will be.

At Eli's Friends, your dog will meet new companions, learn new tricks, and become a valuable member of your household. We have classes are available for puppies and adult dogs. Make an appointment to learn more about our classes today.


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