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Caring Dog Grooming

When you return to pick up your dog from a boarding facility, you want him or her to look well cared for. Imagine how great your dog will look if he or she has been groomed or brushed while you’re away.
At Eli’s Friends, we don’t just offer dog boarding. We also offer dog grooming to give your pet the royal treatment.

Our Grooming Services

To help your dog look his or her best, some of our services include:
  • Full-service grooming
  • Deshedding
  • Dremel nails
  • Kennel baths
  • Medicated shampoos
  • Teeth brushing
staff grooming the dog
These grooming services don’t just improve your dog’s appearance. They also protect your dog’s health. For example, baths and shampoos prevent problems like fleas and ticks. Teeth brushing can help us alert you if we see any dental issues that may require your veterinarian's attention. 
We offer these grooming services by appointment on Monday through Saturday. Our grooming services are priced based on size, breed, and coat condition. Note that for the safety of our staff and the other animals, we require that your dog has rabies and bordetella vaccines before we can offer dog grooming services.

Schedule a Grooming Appointment

Investing in grooming services while you’re away is very convenient for both you and your pet. You won’t need to take time to bring your dog to a groomer after your trip if you have him or her groomed while you’re gone.
Our employees have years of training and experience in pet care and grooming. We know how to provide grooming services that protect your pet’s health. We also use a loving touch as we groom your dog to ensure that the grooming process is relaxing and enjoyable.
Call us today at 919-288-2837 to book an appointment for dog grooming. You won't be disappointed!